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About Us

Bayou Carlin Oyster Co. was created to share our passion for grilling oysters in the backyard with family and friends. Our founder Boyer Derise, a life long cook and professional Chef, was born and raised in South Louisiana and hopes to share the Cajun Culture and Food of South Louisiana. 

Bayou Carlin, also known as the Delcambre Canal, is the waterway that connects Lake Peigneur with the Gulf of Mexico. Bayou Carlin runs right through the small coastal community of Delcambre, La. Home of the annual Shrimp Festival (and the hometown of Boyer) Delcambre is a community that was built by the  seafood industry. 

Our Oysters are only sourced locally from the Gulf of Mexico in an effort to support our local seafood economy. Our oysters put through a High Pressure Pasteurization process that reduces harmful bacteria to non-detectable levels, but uses no heat and therefore has little effect on the taste or texture of the oyster.